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Hosting Hero

Effective August 1, 2022, Dawn Patrol Publishing has taken over the hosting business from the former HostingHero.ca and ComputerHero.ca domains.

Kevin Kindle, is still the owner of the business, but the Dawn Patrol Publishing company is a more encompassing vision for the future. He no longer does computer tech support, but he does write and publish novels.

In joining several writer’s guilds and writing groups, he’s learned a few things. Most authors that aren’t already established in the industry have little to no idea on building a web presence and even some of the established authors are missing the key ingredient of having an actual domain name and website in their name! Many rely on social media platforms for their online presence, but they don’t realize that an author website is a very important piece of the puzzle.

Kevin can help you establish your web presence and help you with getting your book out to your readers.