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Our Mission

The mission of the Dawn Patrol Publishing is to assist authors with establishing their web presence and we can offer a lot of assistance with self-publishing and getting their manuscripts formatted for the book retailers.

We do this by providing links to the very resources we use to create, compile, print and distribute our books. There are lots of resources on the Internet, some good, some bad, some free and some pay. As independent authors we have to be thrifty and get the most bang for our hard-earned bucks.

With Kevin’s history with IT and a previous jobs as a proofreader for an advertising department is beneficial with formatting and compiling quality books.

His history of building websites since the world-wide-web went graphical in 1993 and his proficiency with WordPress are useful in helping people establish their web presence, and while he’s not a graphic designer, he is pretty handy with a few graphic programs.

Of course, as a hosting company, Dawn Patrol Publishing can help any person or business establish their web presence.

Why is an author site in your name so important?

It’s all about branding and centralization! A domain and website in your name provides a common point that can follow you along your writing career, Almost every¬† politician, actress, actor, musician, artist and author has a website in their own name! Shouldn’t you have one too?

Social media is a necessary evil in the popularity and promotions game, but there is a growing segment of the population that goes out of their way to avoid using social media, which sadly has devolved into a cesspool of faked accounts, fake news, advertisements and/or bots. Plus, any of them could quickly fade into obscurity if something new comes along. Remember MySpace? It was once the most popular site on the Internet and then it suddenly died, it’s still around, but a mere shadow of its former self… and there’s numerous other examples I could list.

A website with a domain name in your author name is yours for as long as you keep it. It becomes the central hub for EVERYTHING you want the public to know about. By all means continue to use social media, but always point them back to your website as being the source for everything! Make a post on your website and then share that to all your social media accounts.

You don’t need to make it complicated, it can be as simple as here’s my book and here’s where you can buy it. Of course, when you do get famous and people start asking you to participate on panels and make appearances, it becomes your soapbox to speak to your fans, free of all the constraints imposed by sites controlled by other people.

Why Dawn Patrol Publishing?

The hosting service provided by Dawn Patrol Publishing came about simply because Kevin Kindle, our founder, got out of the computer service business in 2016, but kept the hosting business simply to continue serving the hundreds of sites for former customers, friends, family and his own hobbies.

One of those hobbies was writing, but it wasn’t until his debut series Aliens & Cowboys had reached millions of reads and thousands of followers, votes and reviews on a free site that he considered publishing it… after all, it was just a hobby that began on a dare.

Getting a traditional publishing deal can be difficult as well as time and labour intensive… but self-publishing when you have IT skills isn’t that difficult.

Part of his process for self-publishing was setting up his own publishing company. He didn’t have to, but it just made sense to roll the hosting business into the publishing company, since you shouldn’t publish a book without having an author website and a professional email address.

After joining several writing groups and taking creative writing courses through a local university, he found that many authors either have no real web presence or were relying solely on social media platforms. All authors should have a website in their name or their nom de plume (if they are using one). Websites can be made for a book or series as well, but if you are planning on publishing anything else, you really need an author site!